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Title: Multiple Transmitter Localization Using Received Signal Strength Measurements
Author(s): Almodovar, Jaime
Advisor(s): Nelson, Jill K
Keywords: Electrical engineering
cognitive radio
distributed localization
multiple transmitters
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Cognitive radio (CR) is often described as a context-aware intelligent radio capable of autonomous reconfiguration by learning from and adjusting to the radio environment. A critical source of information for a CR network is the locations of emitters operating in a particular frequency band, also known as primary transmitters. The use of this information has been shown to improve aspects of communication such as power efficiency, probability of interference, and data throughput. CR networks often estimate the location of primary transmitters based on uncoordinated measurements that contain co-channel interference. These measurements have different statistical properties than those without interference, and thus conventional localization techniques intended for clean measurements cannot be applied.
Type: Dissertation
Rights: Copyright 2012 Jaime Almodovar
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