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  • Wieringa, Jeri (George Mason University, 2015-11-30)
    University News was the George Mason University news website. Archive contains posts from May 2009 to January 2012. Site was replaced with, which has been replaced by "News at Mason", at ...
  • Wieringa, Jeri (George Mason University, 2015-11-30)
    University Leadership is a website that provides an overview of the administrative positions at George Mason University. The site links out to the schools, colleges, and administrative centers around campus. It also provides ...
  • Gerber, Steven (2015-11-30)
    An unattributed black-and-white photograph in Special Collections at George Mason University Libraries shows a dozen young girls hiking in single file down a hillside while intently playing treble recorders. The annotation ...
  • Unknown author (University Libraries, 2015-11-11)
    As we assist the university in reaching an impressive $500 million campaign goal in the next three years, the Libraries has identi ed key areas where philanthropic support can help us to transform and innovate the services, ...
  • Rinalducci, Jenna; Sheehan, Sarah; Irvin, Sarah (Fenwick Gallery, George Mason University Libraries, July 2015)
    From the ubiquitous red and white checks of Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book to the amazing photography found in Modernist Cuisine, cookbooks are so much more than a collection of recipes. Cookbooks provide insight ...

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