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  • Ceperley, Peter (2016-02-01)
    This animation shows the propagation of a traveling waves in a discrete media composed of masses and gas bubbles.
  • Ceperley, Peter (2016-02-01)
    Physics students study waves on a string as typical of wave motion in general. While pure longitudinal and purely transverse waves are presented in most courses, in fact most waves, even waves on a string, have a mixture ...
  • Ceperley, Peter (2016-02-01)
    This animation illustrates one method of exiting a rotating mode in a ring resonator.
  • Ceperley, Peter (2016-02-01)
    This animation shows the propagation of burst a sinusoidal waves.
  • Ceperley, Peter (2016-02-01)
    Resonance in ring resonators is a poorly understood subject in the physics community. This animation shows one such resonance using a circular chain of masses and springs.

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